Jade is a voice over artist from London and Barcelona. 

Recent Work:
The Lost Mod by Bernat Lliteras:

Huspy by Codea Studio:

Taste | María de Castro from Terciopelo on Vimeo:

Visit the Palau de la Música Catalana:

Jade wrote the poem and gave voice to the amazing things that Domestic Data Streamers have been doing for the last five years: 

but this is where it all started: 

Jade has a passion for all things women like this video called Womanity, by Monica Heredero.

sometimes, she gives voice to her own personal projects,

and her voice can be less sensual,

and even experimental.

For the last four years, Jade has been working for brands including , Vice, BcnScience, Meridiano Films and the artist and photographer, Max de Esteban.

Jade is currently avaible for voice recording and disposes of a fully equipped studio for high definition recording.

Listen to my voice reel!

Jade’s voice Elsewhere:
 jadederobles@gmail.com
or phone me on 07939 000 863